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Jim Guirard, President

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Jim Guirard, a native of Louisiana and now a Washington DC-area attorney, national security affairs consultant, writer and lecturer, has a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science (1958) and a Law Degree (1963), both from Louisiana State University.

Between undergraduate and law school studies and degrees, he was a Fulbright Scholar in Political Science at the University of Bordeaux, France (1959). During that year, he delivered several lectures to civic and university audiences under sponsorship of the US Information Agency (USIA) and served as a Member of the Paris-based Committee for American Students in France.

On Capitol Hill, Mr. Guirard served for almost two decades as Chief of Staff to Congressman Edwin Willis (1964-67), US Senator Allen Ellender (1968-72) and US Senator Russell Long (1973-81) -- all three of them presiding as House and Senate Committee Chairmen throughout tenure with them. During this period, he was recognized by both Who's Who in US Government and Who's Who in American Politics.

During 1981, he served as the National Affairs Director of the American Security Council Foundation (Coalition for Peace Through Strength). Throughout the 1980s he was a Board Member of both the Committee for a Free Afghanistan and the ASCF Working Group on Central America.

From 1994-2004 he was a Board Member of the Democratic Russia-USA Foundation and is currently on the Committee of Advisors of the US Chapter of the Mackinder Forum, a London-based geopolitical affairs think tank.

From 1982-2003 he was engaged by many major clients as an energy and national security affairs consultant, writer and lecturer -- and was from 2000-02 a Civilian Consultant (unpaid) to the US Army Science Board on the subject of Strategic Mobility.

Since 2002, Mr. Guirard has served as founder and President of the new TrueSpeak Institute, whose primary focus is truth-in-language and truth-in-history in public discourse. He currently writes and lectures extensively on the vital "war of words" and "war of ideas" aspects of the broader Global War on al Qaeda-style Terrorism. Several of his recent op-ed articles, all of which can be found on this website, can also be found on the website, where he is a Contributing Editor.

Major briefings/Q&A sessions during late 2004 and 2005-06 have included the following:

Early March 2004 Briefing / Q&A to Pentagon PsyOp Officials
August 2004 Senior Advisory Cmte to Secretary of Homeland Security
December 2004 CSIS Working Group on Public Diplomacy in Global War on Terrorism
January 2005 US Army PsyOp Brigades HQ at Ft. Bragg, NC
January 2005 Ft. Bragg, NC PsyOp Alumni Association Chapter
February 2005 Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) Leadership
March 2005 Center For Security Policy, Political Warfare Working Group
May 2005 US Army's World Conference on Public Affairs, Tysons Corners, Va.
July 2005 Teleconference Briefing/Q&A to NORAD-Northcom Conference on the GWOT
September 2005 Major Panelist, Assn. of Muslim Social Scientists (AMSS) Annual Convention
October 2005 Combined classes of Prof. Dan Kuehl at National Defense University
November 2005 Federal Council of Executive Secretariats (hosted by the FBI)
January 2006 Major Panelist, NORAD-Northcom Conference on Militant Extremism
February 2006 Lecture to combined Kuehl/Rochte classes at Nat. Defense University
March 2006 Briefing/Q&A to the LSU ROTC Faculty and Senior Cadets
April 2006 Military Conflict Institute Annual Meeting (Institute for Defense Analyses, IDA)
June 2006 Briefing and Q&A to the Joint Staff Strategic Communications Working Group
June 2006 2-hour tutorial to the annual NORAD-Northcom PA/PD Training Session
July 2006 2-hour tutorial to Prof. Dan Kuehl's advanced anti-Terrorism class at NDU
October 2006 Briefing to "Future of Terrorism" DHS Advisory Committee, Los Angeles
December 2006 2-hour tutorial to DIA Information Operations Class, Bolling AFB, Wash DC
April 2007Briefing/Q&A session with selected senior OSD and Joint Staff officials (Dr. Robert Giesler, Pentagon host)
February 2008Briefing/Q&A session with the Strategic Planning Committee of the Joint Staff (The Pentagon)
February 2008Two 2-hour "War of Words" tutorials at the National Defense University, Washington DC (NDU Professor Dan Kuehl, host)

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